Property Management

Beyond your expectations

We’re hearing great things about Heron…

“I’ve lived with Heron for 2 years now. Always very responsive, professional, and courteous. I would recommend Heron to any of my friends looking for housing accommodations in Kingston. Beautiful unit – great team.

Thank you Heron!”



“Cam and his team have always been professional, responsive and dedicated to finding good tenants and managing my property in downtown Kingston. I recommend them highly.

Five stars for the service they have provided over the last several years.”



“The team at Heron management will take care of you from the moment you express interest in finding a place to signing a lease through to making sure your move in goes smoothly and ultimately that you love where you live and are well taken care of.

They pride themselves on helping tenants find the perfect spot. Cam and his team are a pleasure to work with and have on your side when you’re looking for a great spot to live in Kingston!”



“Heron Management managed our 22-unit apartment building for a number of years (until we sold it in 2021). The building was extremely well maintained, the vacancy rate was negligible, and Heron Management effectively dealt with any problems that arose.

The accounting reports were accurate, easy to interpret and made income tax filings quite simple. I highly recommend them.”



“My girlfriend and I moved into one of Heron Management’s properties a year and a half ago and were extremely happy with our experience throughout our stay. Friendly and helpful office staff, frequent yet unobtrusive property maintenance, and easy-to-reach contacts for any questions we had.

A great group of people who are eager to make renting painless.”



“I was pretty delighted with my experience with Heron Management. I had a couple rental properties that I had to suddenly deal with due to an estate issue, and they were very professional. Detailed monthly reports, no crazy surcharges, a can’-do attitude when it came to tenant problems. Plus they took initiative with tenants to help work out their delinquency problems… basically they understood that since I hired them to take care of the properties, they actually took care of the properties, without always coming back to me with small issues.”