Who We Are

Heron Management was founded by Cam MacDougall in 2011. A graduate of business administration along with his years of training and experience as a carpenter, Cam advanced Heron as an expansion to his development/ contracting portfolio.

With a growing complement of rental holdings, the next step was to broaden services to include property management and maintenance. As a result, Heron Management Services has grown to servicing several hundred doors in the City of Kingston and surrounding areas.

Heron Management is dedicated to “exceeding expectations” for clients and for tenants

We know property management firsthand as owners, not just managers. As such we have built a comprehensive suite of services and moreover a broad team of professionals that can address the needs of income properties owners. We are here to help our clients not just take care of the business of rental management but help them strategically position and optimize these assets.

We are equally dedicated to tenants. People’s homes should be safe, comfortable and worry free. We are here 24/7 to ensure that we can respond to tenant needs whenever they arise.

We’re hearing great things about Heron…

“I’ve lived with Heron for 2 years now. Always very responsive, professional, and courteous.

I would recommend Heron to any of my friends looking for housing accommodations in Kingston. Beautiful unit – great team.

Thank you Heron!”



“The team at Heron management will take care of you from the moment you express interest in finding a place to signing a lease through to making sure your move in goes smoothly and ultimately that you love where you live and are well taken care of. They pride themselves on helping tenants find the perfect spot. Cam and his team are a pleasure to work with and have on your side when you’re looking for a great spot to live in Kingston!”



“My girlfriend and I moved into one of Heron Management’s properties a year and a half ago and were extremely happy with our experience throughout our stay. Friendly and helpful office staff, frequent yet unobtrusive property maintenance, and easy-to-reach contacts for any questions we had. A great group of people who are eager to make renting painless.”



FAQs For Tenants

When is rent due?

Rental Payments are due on the 1st of each month. Please ensure that you have created your tenant portal and set up the automatic payments.

Is there a fee for bounced payments?
Yes, there is a $25 NSF fee for insufficient funds.
Why do I have to have renter’s insurance?
The Landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings in case of an unforeseen disaster. As well, renter’s insurance offers liability protection to tenants. Renter’s insurance must remain up to date and proof of coverage will be requested by Heron Management annually.
What are the office hours?

Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Closed Weekends & Holidays

Do I have storage?

Please review your lease to see if a storage unit is included with your unit or property. A copy of your lease agreement can be located on your Property Portal https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/ 

Can I have a barbeque?

Please note this is property dependent. Barbeques are not permitted on balconies as they are a fire hazard. 

My laundry machine is not working?

Submit your service request through your Property Portal https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/ or call 613-766-1659

How do I get a new key or access to my mailbox?

Please contact the office or submit a service request through your Property Portal https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/ 


*Fees may apply

What do I do if I lose my key?

If you have lost your key please contact the office. There is a fee of $25 per key for replacements. You will not be issued a replacement key until payment is received.

*For after-hours requests, additional fees may apply.

What do I do if I have an issue or complaint?

Please login to your tenant portal at https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/

Use messages to send us your question or detail the issue/complaint that you have. Messaging us via the portal allows us to keep close track of our communications in order to answer your questions or address your concerns in a timely manner.

How do I make a maintenance request for repair?

If you have a maintenance request, please log into the portal at https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/ and select “Submit New Request”

For emergencies please call: 613-766-1659

Does Heron Management own my building?

Heron Management is responsible for a number of rental properties. Some of these buildings are owned by Heron Management or one of its affiliated companies, others are independently owned and managed on the owners behalf by Heron.

When is the garbage and recycling for my property?
How do I get a new recycle bin?

If you’re in need of a new bin, please submit a service request through your Property Portal. https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/ 

Does my unit come with parking?

Please refer back to your lease agreement to see if parking is included with your unit.

My unit doesn’t come with parking. Is there somewhere I can park my vehicle?

Please contact the office and we can review other available parking options with you. Parking fees may apply.

Submit your request through your Property Portal https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/  or call 613-766-1659

How do I get another parking pass? I need another spot or lost pass.

Please contact the office. Parking Fees may apply.

Submit your request through your Property Portal https://manage.mipropertyportal.com/ or call 613-766-1659