Heron Management goes beyond your expectations to provide a management solution that offers peace of mind with our highly professional, quality services.

Heron Management offers a comprehensive range of client services that include:

Rental Management Services

Owning a building can come with a lot of tasks that need to be looked after. Some of those tasks include marketing and advertising, property staging, in-depth screening process, and lease signing. In order to make this process easier for you, Heron Management will work with you to figure out how to best meet your goals.


    Marketing and Advertising

    • Prepare a marketing and advertising plan that best suits your needs and the needs of the property
    • Place signage on property
    • Make property ‘rent-ready’
    • Perform a virtual walk through tour of the property for listing
    • Determine listing price
    • Expose property through several platforms such as Kijiji and Craigslist as well as on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



    Property Staging

    • Take proper photos and videos of the property
    • Stage property

    In-depth Tenant Screening Process

    • Contact previous landlords to verify history
    • Review tenants credit and rental history
    • Contact employer
    • Lease Signing Services
    • Prepare rental and tenancy agreements

    Building and Properties Maintenance/Contract

    Dealing with the care and maintenance of owning a building can be a difficult task to take on. Heron Management can help minimize the stress by handling all of your building and property maintenance and contract agreements. With extensive experience in building maintenance and contract agreement, Heron Management can work with you to make sure everything you need is being cared for.


      Services Include:

      • Refuse and Recycling
      • Lawn and landscaping
      • Snow removal
      • Minor repair and improvement
      • Licensed trades coordination
      • Regulatory compliance (Ex. Fire inspection, property standards, and building permits, etc)
      • Building and construction services
      • Project management

      Property Administration

      When owning a building, keeping up with month-to-month payments can become a hassle. Heron Management can help by taking care of monthly payments and expenses such as taxes, utilities, and third party contractors.


        Services Include:

        • Bill payment services (Ex. Tax, utilities, third-party contractors, etc)
        • Detailed account management reporting
        • Maintenance and capital improvement planning

        Social Media

        Social media is one way that Heron Management can connect with tenants and clients. Consistently updating social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allows tenants and clients to be up-to-date with current information that is going on throughout the company along with any new projects that we are working on. Also, with the new addition of the Heron Management YouTube account, potential clients and tenants have the ability to see a walk-through of the apartment without having to actual be there.

        Facebook: Heron Management
        Twitter: @HeronManagement
        YouTube: Heron Management

          Making the Switch:

          We understand that making the switch to a new property management firm can be worrisome, but the experience and knowledge of the staff at Heron Management will ensure a smooth, problem free transition.

          There is a simple checklist that the staff and clients work through together that covers the following:

          • Notification, a timeline for the dissolution of the current management agreement, a firm start date for new management, and a signed management agreement
          • A current list of building units, associated tenant information and vacancies
          • A copy of all existing leases and current payment methods
          • A list of re-occurring services for the building
          • The building maintenance schedule
          • Keys for all units
          • Current banking information for all transfers